Important Disclaimer

We ask that all attending acknowledge and agree to take full responsibility for their actions and time spent on the property, to make themselves aware of the hazards of being outdoors and to ensure that they are adequately prepared for their own experience.  We take no responsibility for your experience while on the land or with others sharing in this experience with you, though we truly wish it to be an enjoyable and memorable time for all.  We ask that you respect the land and life of the environment and take good care to leave it as it was found.


We will not be providing alcohol at these events, although you are free to enjoy your own. We only ask that you use such substances responsibly, that you take good care of yourself and your neighbours, and that all remain open to accommodate the wishes of the broader social context as required.


Please keep in mind that you are on a working farm, which means additional considerations and potential hazards as compared to simple camping.  Although the animals will be securely contained, there are animals in pasture that may be disturbed if you happen upon them.  This is their home and should be treated as such.


In addition, many of the fence lines are strung with barbed wire.  For this reason we we strongly advise you not stray too far and ask that participants keep their reverie contained to the clearings and spaces designed for these events whilst darkness falls.


Fire is a hazard and dangerous.  As such, there will be absolutely no personal campfires allowed. We also ask that all use of fire, such as cigarettes, be done with strict consideration.  We will be providing a fire at night for our enjoyment and ask everyone to be mindful in its presence.


We ask those wishing to bath nude to be respectful of those less inclined to do so as we wish that all may feel comfortable to enjoy the watering hole.