Moving Meadows is a 200 acre farm located in beautiful Grey Bruce, about 2.5 hours northwest of Toronto. Owned by two former Torontonians, Miro Malish and Gyandevi/Kate Dunbar, the farm was bought several years ago as a result of Miro’s desire to learn how to live in a more self-sufficient and sustainable way.  While Miro has been on this exploration for several years, in the summer of 2012, Kate and Miro were married surrounded by loved ones under the apple trees. After completing her nursing degree, Kate joined Miro at the farm full time in April 2013. In late August 2014, after a very busy and beautiful summer, we were overjoyed to welcome blessed child Elan Arjulan Sebastian Matthew into our lives, born right here on the farm! Since that time, our farming operations have grown, and so has our family.  In March 2017 our second beautiful child, Julian Ambrosius George Ivan Malish, was born with light and love into our little family. Our hearts are full to overflowing and we are filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to raise these young beings on the farm.

Kate and Miro both have a long-standing desire to nurture a place where communities can come together to live, work, learn and create in ways that are both nourished by and nourishing to the surrounding land and each other. It is with this vision in mind that we welcome friends and family to come explore the natural setting, try their hand at farm chores, share their talents and knowledge, and enjoy various events we hold every summer.  Let us know if you’d like to come for a visit!

We have been welcoming individuals to come work-stay with us over the planting season for several years now.  We’ve had the great pleasure to have hosted many interesting and diverse people who have helped to tend to our cows, care for the hens, assist with all aspects of managing our large organically grown vegetable garden, do regular landscaping, help maintain farm infrastructure, and so on, and we love having them! Over the past year we have also provided work for individuals seeking to stay longer term and to take on a larger role in caring for the animals.  Check out the work opportunities tab for more info.

Fall 2017 – full harvest!

Our 2 year lunar anniversary, and 2 days before Elan is born!

Our 2 year lunar anniversary